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Anonymous: Do all snakes have that kind of iridescent sheen to them? I've rarely seen them in real life, but a while back I went to a Pride festival and someone brought their snake (a red-tailed boa, I think? Didn't quite catch the name in all the noise) and it was just the prettiest thing. So soft and docile, with a more rainbowy cover than Noodle in your icon.


I’m going to say that if this person was at Pride and the least bit clever, they probably brought some kind of Rainbow Boa.

But some degree of iridescence is actually a common quality in many of species of snakes with unkeeled scales. Even Noodle can have some rainbows bouncing off her back after a shed.


Sunbeam Snakes are probably the hallmark of serpentine iridescence. (Image source)

White-lipped Python. (Image source)

Bismarck Ringed Python. (Image source)

Boelen’s Python. (Image source)

Corn Isle BCI. (Image source)

Axanthic Scrub Python. (Image source)

Even this Iridescent Litter-skink is getting in on the action. (Image source)

And of course, the Brazillian Rainbow Boa. (Image source)

Close up shot of BRB scales. (Image source)

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